The Bog Baby

There are many books that I use to create exciting literacy and cross curricular lessons along with an inspired classroom environment.

I shall begin with Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis & Gwen Millward

Bog baby

The story follows a moral story type and really captures the emotions of the pupils. The main message is that wild creatures should be kept in their own environment so they can stay healthy and happy. I think this book is suited well to children aged 5-7 years although all would appreciate the story and illustrations.

The bog baby character is adorable and the pupils longed for it to be real. We linked this book with other lesson topics such as, should animals be kept in zoos? By the end the children were telling us to put our class bog baby back to it’s habitat. It also encourages them to consider pet care.

Here are some examples of cross curricular learning.

Literacy: morals, character descriptions, adjectives, time adverbs. Introducing new vocabulary.

Bog baby RAG

Maths: counting large amounts, counting in twos (legs), doubling/halving (using the magical ponds), capacity (jars & buckets). And so much more.

Art: using colour, pattern and textures to create an underwater world.

DT: mechanisms, making a pop up bog baby escaping the jar. Making Thaumatropes.

PSHE: is it bad to keep secrets? Should animals be kept in zoos?

Geography: contrasting environments (UK woodland with a tropical rainforest).

Science: seasonal changes within a woodland.

Computing: using mouse control to create a bog baby in a paint program.

Bog Baby Computing

Environment: fill your classroom with bluebells and make your own bog baby to hook the pupils.

Bog baby pond

I would welcome your photos 🙂