Why I Chose a Cockapoo

I decided on getting my first dog so began my research in to what breed of dog to get. If I were to get a second, I would probably get a rescue dog but as a novice, I decided a puppy would be better.

First, I had a look at an A to Z of dogs and made a list of the breeds I liked the look of.

Afterwards, I found a good website http://dogtime.com/dog-breeds/cockapoo#/slide/1 that lists popular breeds along with a guide to their traits such as:  adaptability, all around friendliness, health grooming, trainability and exercise needs. I went through each chosen dog and eliminated breeds due to what I was looking for. I wanted a medium sized dog that was intelligent, easy to train, doesn’t bark much, likes to play, doesn’t shed or drool much and is really friendly to both people, cats and other dogs.

Eventually, after my process of elimination I was left with a cockapoo, so I began to look for one. Along the way I discovered there are different types of cockapoos. Sizes and f1, F1b or f2.

December 2016: Along came Dexter. After having him for a year, I revisited the website and it is a very accurate description of a cockapoo. And what a fantastic dog he is. He is extremely friendly to everyone, is very intelligent, understands a lot of human talk, never malts, loves going out, learns new games and never licks you (not that I would mind that).

Dexter is a character and has his little quirks. We have all completely fallen in love with him.

I would definitely recommend a cockapoo.